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On weekends like you read about last week in Fietsa Messy-esta! blog, it’s easy to start to wonder why we bake.  Chaos happened and it left us stressed out.  Who wouldn’t want to just walk away?  But at the end of the day, we still had a great product to deliver to a great friend.  And just 5 days later when I’ve come back down to earth, I find myself in the middle of a weekend with some free time without any cake orders.  Its quiet moments like this when I remember all the reasons why I love doing what we do.  There are two aspects of baking cakes for people that are my absolute favorite:

1) Getting the opportunity to try new ideas that people bring to us.  So far, our friends have asked us to do really unique things and every one of them has come out spectacular!  If it weren’t for these requests, we could easily get in a slump of doing the same old cake.  Instead, we are continually challenged by the exciting ideas we’ve put together!

2) Delivering the cake.  I absolutely LOVE the look on our friends’ faces when we bring them the cake.  So far, everyone has been so happy.  Regardless of what has happened in the kitchen, we have never failed on delivering something awesome.  And really, what could be better than bringing someone something both beautiful AND delicious?  Yumm!  I just love love love making people’s special occasions even more special.  It’s pretty awesome.  =)