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It’s kind of weird to pick a refrigerator as my kitchen tool of the week, right?  Of course you should have a refrigerator in your kitchen.  It’s one of the most essential appliances, right?  Duh.

But it’s more than having a refrigerator in general.  It’s about the refrigerator space it gives you.  And admittedly so, this post is definitely inspired by my loathing of the side-by-side fridge.  Does anyone else hate those?  Because as a cake pop baker, they have become my worst enemy.


When I make cake pops, they start by being rolled into balls and placed on a baking sheet.  And while on the sheet, they need refrigerated.  Now, go try.  Grab a baking sheet and just try to put it in your side-by-side fridge.  Won’t work.  And if it does, you either have a massive fridge or a tiny baking sheet.

Now in my case, we have a traditional fridge (freezer up top) in our garage.  This makes it possible for me to make due with my side-by-side I have indoors, but I’ll admit when that when I’m constantly running in and out during a batch of cake pops, I can get a little cranky.  But unfortunately, we’re a little ways off from a kitchen upgrade and remodel.  So for now, in and out I run!

But… if you are getting new appliances soon and if you are someone who loves to bake (especially if it’s cake pops), find yourself a fridge with some wiggle room.  May I suggest one with French Doors?  This is what we had in our old kitchen and I absolutely LOVED it.  It will definitely be a great tool when it comes to optimizing your kitchen.  I mean really, look at that space!