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While we’ve been making our cakes from scratch all along, we thought it was time to come up with our own recipe rather than relying on the use of various cookbooks and google searches.  It took some time, some research, and some taste tests, but La Hoot officially has their first recipe that you can find NO WHERE ELSE!

When working on this recipe, we came to find that there isn’t much information out there on how to create your own cake recipe.  Everything we found was just “how to make a cake from scratch,” which then included whatever recipe that blogger was referencing.  But I’m here to tell you how we did it ourselves!

If you know me well, you also know that I love me some Excel spreadsheets.  So we started there, making a list of the most successful recipes we had previously tried our hand at.  We listed the ingredients of each one out so as to cross reference between them.  We were looking most of all to analyze the ratio of ingredients.  For example, how did the dry ingredients compare to the liquids.  Or how much baking powder is used on average across the different recipes.  Then once we had a handle on what the average cake recipe looked like, we clicked over to Google.

At this point, we needed to know what the function of each ingredient was.  What makes it moist?  What makes it fluffy?  And what keeps it that way?  The best tips I found regarded the use of cake flour, eggs and vegetable oil.

Cake flour, if not obvious by the name, is made for baking cakes.  Crazy, huh?  Well, this flour is more expensive than all purpose flour, so we wanted to know if it was worth it.  The answer? Yes.  Cake flour is a different than all purpose flour in that it creates for a finer, lighter, fluffier texture in a cake.  All good things right?  After reading multiple reviews on it, we were convinced that while it might not be necessary in the kitchen of the average woman, it was definitely a must in the kitchen of La Hoot!  One of the downfalls though, is that cake flour clumps more than all purpose flour, so this means that it needs to be sifted before using it.  Does it add time, yes.  But it is worth it when you’re looking for a lighter and fluffier cake!

The eggs.  Who knew that while eggs make the cake light and fluffy (and bind it together), the white of the egg actually pulls out moisture?  So instead of using full eggs, try using more yolks than whites.  Also, it is said (and proven in our taste tests), that it will add to your moisture if you add the yolks at their usual in the recipe, but save the whites until the end.  Fold the egg whites into your cake batter last, just before putting it into the pan.  Amazing how simple twists like this really can change the outcome of your cake!  It’s science at work!

Vegetable oil.  This is what keeps the moisture in your cake.  Almost all cakes are moist if you’re tasting them while they’re hot, but are they still moist when you get them to the party later that day or the next?  Well, upon increasing the vegetable oil, as suggested by our research, we did in fact have a cake that stayed moister longer!

And a few more quick tips for making the perfect cake from scratch…

  • Measure your ingredients to perfection!  The smallest change can completely change the results that come out of your oven!
  • Butter creates for a moister cake than margarine does.  So if it’s not necessary, don’t substitute.
  • Creaming your butter and sugar at the start is a key to a fluffy cake.  You should be creaming them for at least 5 minutes until they are one light and fluffy entity.
  • And lastly… use room temperature ingredients when you bake.  This will make for a lighter cake!

So after the research, it was time for the fun!  This meant mixing a cake, putting it in the oven, and waiting to see what came out.  The batter looked like cake batter, tasted like cake batter, was rising like cake batter… but would it be a cake?

Look at that beauty starting to grow…

It really came out beautiful!  It was so level and took hardly any adjusting when we moved it to the cake board.

And it was delicious!!!  Getting hungry, yet?  Yumm!

While our first in-house recipe went through a couple of taste tests and tweaks, we knew it had been perfected when we served it at a party this past saturday night.  Multiple people came back for seconds and some were even asking for the recipe.  And the answer to that?  No sir!  We’ve found the secret and we’re keeping it!  And while chocolate is currently our only in-house recipe, the rest will surely be following soon.  Order your favorite flavor from us and we’ll be up to the challenge of creating it ourselves and making it JUST RIGHT!