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When I was growing up, our last name was one of those that?s too difficult, so when we would make a reservation or add our name to a waiting list, we?d say ?it?s Baker?. Funny, since as an adult, I have found a passion for baking. I like baking a lot of things, but mostly cakes. I started taking the Wilton decorating classes with my bestie, who is also conveniently in to baking, and we?ve had a blast.

We started out by working a lot with just butter cream icing.

Then we started working with gum paste to make different types of flowers. This is my ?final? cake for that particular class, which we had to do a ?basket weave? on the side.

For the last class we took, we learned how to cover a cake in fondant, and make flowers out of fondant. I chose chocolate fondant for mine. It?s a lot tastier than normal fondant by the way? but still very fondant-y.

Pretty cool, huh? I?m stoked about our progress! All ready to open a bakery now! Ha!