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Almost two years ago, I was asked to do a Wedding Dress Cupcake Cake. ?It quickly became a fan favorite and has been ordered time and time again to celebrate brides-to-be. ?It has even made its way around Pinterest many-a-pin.

Our most recent cupcake cake has the potential to be just as exciting. ?Just as popular as wedding showers, are baby showers! ?So what could be better than a Baby Buggy Cupcake Cake? ?I’m quite disappointed it took a customer’s request for me to make this creation. ?Because really… it’s a no brainer! ?I should have thought of this sooner, because it came out SO adorable and is sure to be seen at many baby showers to come…

I started with my penny mapping technique to get the right shape and give the customer an estimate of how many cupcakes it would take to make her design. ?The pennies represent cupcakes, whereas the white circles represent single layered 6 inch round cakes.

Baby Buggy Cupcake Cake 01

After the design was approved, I baked the cupcakes and 6 inch rounds and arranged them in the determined shape. ?Now, when you have a design that keeps the cupcakes from nestling close together, it is helpful to squeeze some icing down in-between them. ?It might feel wasteful, but if you skip this step, you’ll find that your icing will sink in those unsupported places. ?Furthermore, to support the designs I had planned, I chose to dirty ice this cake. ?The firmer the foundation, the better your end product will be!

Baby Buggy Cupcake Cake 02

Baby Buggy Cupcake Cake 03

Baby Buggy Cupcake Cake 04


Now it was time for the fun part! ?Turning this delicious template into a work of art! ?I decided to do the entire bottom half of the baby buggy as a basket weave. ?Now, this can be tedious to say the least. ?In fact, this is about the point where you’ll be ready to give up…

Baby Buggy Cupcake Cake 10

But alas… just keep truckin’ and eventually you’ll have a beautiful basket. ?I finished the edge by using the basket weave Wilton tip?to make a zigzag as a border.

Baby Buggy Cupcake Cake 05

Baby Buggy Cupcake Cake 06

I then wanted to add a border along the top of the baby basket. ?I did this by using a large Wilton rose petal tip (#125)?to make a ruffle.? Then I used a standard star tip?along the top of that to finish it off. ?For the wheels, I made mini rosettes and large stars using that same star tip.

Baby Buggy Cupcake Cake 07

To finish off the cake, I wanted to make the top half of the buggy out of rosettes. ?But I wanted them to narrow into the middle to create an accordion look. ?I did this by using a straight edge of a ruler to create guidelines to stay within. ?I made it so the largest of the rosettes would fill the outlying cupcakes, and then they would get smaller as they closed into the center. ?And to top it off, I put two rosettes right in the middle as the final touch to adorn the cake.

Baby Buggy Cupcake Cake 08

Baby Buggy Cupcake Cake 10

And here it is… the finished Baby Buggy Cupcake cake! ?Know someone having a baby shower!? ?Be sure to send them my way! ?This cake can be easily customized for a gender or for any other color scheme you might be using at your party!

Baby Buggy Cupcake Cake 09