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Were you on Facebook this past week to see all the violet cake pops we had leaving our kitchen? ?If not, here’s a piece of last week’s projects.



Part of those cake pops were turned into an edible arrangement to depict a special birrthday age. ?SUPER cute idea if you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary.

The rest of the violet cake pops were turned into… violet cake pops. ?Say what? ?In the picture above, they were violet in color, but to really make them pop, I used royal icing to put violet flowers on top of each one! ?This was extra special because they were being used for a baby shower in which the mommy-to-be is naming her little girl Violet. ?Can we say perfection?

If you want to recreate these at home, I used the methods taught to me a few years back when I attended a Wilton cake decorating class. ?You can find their tutorial here. ?While Wilton has you ice the flowers and then place them on the cake after they’ve dried (which I would suggest to do if putting them on a cake), you can skip that step here by icing them straight on the cake pops. ?This works since the cake pop can essentially serve as your spindle instead of having to transfer them around!

Here are some pictures of the final products… ?Definitely one of the most beautiful cake pops I’ve created to date.