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Have you found your cupcakes to come out all out of shape in their cupcake liners like this?

The picture isn’t as good as seeing this cupcake with the naked eye, but if you look closely, the sides aren’t straight and they buckle in. ?You probably thought it was an issue with your skills when it comes to filling the liners with batter, but you’re wrong. ?It’s actually a problem with the cupcake liners themselves.

So how can you detect a bad cupcake liner? ?Unfortunately, you won’t know if the brand is good or not until you get it home and give it a shot. ?(At the bottom of this blog you can see the brand I prefer.) ?The signs of a bad cupcake liner begin with the fact that it doesn’t settle down into the cupcake tin on it’s own. ?Instead, they kind of float above the rim.

When you stick your finger down straight into the cupcake liner, you’ll see that the edges buckle.

And this only gets worse when you put batter into the liner.

Not pretty, right? ?And it will stay looking that way when it’s done baking.

When you find the right cupcake liners, you’ll find that they nestle themselves down into the cupcake tin on their own.

And when you fill them with batter, they stay in place.

You’d think all standard cupcake liners and cupcake tins would be the same, but based off of just these few pictures, you can see that they’re not! ?This may seem like a small detail, but it will greatly impact the presentation of your cupcakes.

Wondering what cupcake liners I use? ?My personal favorite that I use with my Wilton Cupcake Tins is Cake Mate which I purchase at our local grocery store, Giant Eagle. ?I’ve also found Hobby Lobby’s to be good as well. ?Often times, I’ll find that the decorative, cute, off brand liners are not very good at all. ?But sometimes it’s worth sacrificing their shape to have the perfect color or party theme. ?The choice is up to you!