While cleaning up from a Bridal shower I threw, I heard some great compliments about the cake that was provided by La Hoot. One was the bride’s mom – to whom the cake was very important. She was in awe! Another was the bride, herself. After everything was all cleaned up, she still had her piece of cake (she was too anxious to eat during the party). Also on the plate were all the beautiful fondant flowers you made for atop the cake. She, the groom, and another bridesmaid were admiring the craftsmanship of the flowers. They were impressed with your attention to detail and that there were actually stems on them! This blew their minds. They also mentioned how perfectly the flowers matched the flower center pieces and she photographed them to help commemorate her special day.

Akron, OH

Thank you so much for doing our son’s first birthday cake! It turned out great! I can’t imagine how it could have been any better and it really brought together the theme of the party.

Adam and Becca
Kent, OH

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on our daughter’s first birthday cake and smash cake. We were absolutely thrilled with them and they looked so great in the pictures! We look forward to using your cakes in the future with many birthdays to come. Your talent and growing skills amaze me. We really appreciated them and it was an extra bonus to have it made with love!

Stash and Lisa
Akron, OH

Thanks so much for helping make our gender announcement so special! Everyone raved about how delicious the cake pops were!

Cincinnati, OH

We cannot thank you enough for the delicious order of cake pops you made for us for sharing with customers, coworkers, family and friends. We ordered six dozen and every single cake pop arrived unbroken and in plenty of time for us to deliver to their final destination. They were each beautifully decorated and almost too pretty to eat (almost). We had to sample them, of course, before we could deliver them, and they were absolutely delicious. The only problem we had was refraining from eating too many ourselves before we delivered them. Thank you for sharing your talents and expertise in making these wonderful cake pops. We will (and have) recommended you to all our friends.

Larry and Linda
Wichita, KS

My cake pops arrived by mail in perfect condition! I brought them in to the office the next day and they were completely gone in 90 minutes! They were so moist and delicious and a huge hit! Thanks to La Hoot for making our holiday party day extra festive and particularly yummy!

Columbus, OH

In February 2012, I got engaged to the love of my life. As the time drew nearer to our wedding and we were working through the details of our special day we arrived at the all-important wedding cake decision. My future mother-in-law was handling the primary wedding cake but I was hoping to have a cake that represented me as well on hand. I contacted La Hoot Bakery and asked for them to prepare a cake for me, only giving them the specification that I would like to have the theme of it relate to my alma mater, The University of Kansas. Fast forward to the wedding day and the arrival of the cake. I was expecting a simple cake with KU spelled out on it but they delivered a cake adorned with the KU Jayhawk logo. This logo is very detailed and multi-colored but La Hoot recreated it perfectly on top of a beautiful cake. It was so good looking that I almost didn’t want anyone to take a bite of it but my appetite won out in the end. The cake was incredible and I wished I had time between greeting wedding guests! At least they had a chance to truly enjoy the delicacy. I am grateful to La Hoot Bakery for helping to make my wedding day a smashing success and I would recommend them to anyone in the need for a cake, special occasion or otherwise.

Lawrence, KS