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My oldest son just turned three and his favorite thing right now? ?Spider-Man! ?Even calling it his favorite is really understating his love for Spidey. ?He has multiple shirts, pajamas, shoes, puzzles and toys staring his beloved superhero. ?So when it came to picking the theme for his birthday party, I didn’t have to think twice!

We made a fondant Spider-Man cake that we’ll be sure to do a tutorial on soon, but our baking adventure began with themed cake pops.

After blending our vanilla cake with frosting and getting it to the perfect cake pop texture, we started by rolling the dough into an egg shape.

Once we had the general shape, we got a little more detailed adding some jaw and cheek structure to our manly spidey


It took a little extra time, but adding some dimension can go a long way when you’re dipping your pops. ? It definitely takes them from “oh cool” to “that’s awesome!” ?Something to think about, though, is that the chocolate dumbs down the shaping a little bit, so overstated is better!

We then dipped the pops in red, let them dry, and then took our black edible marker to the face of the pop. ?We contemplated doing the spider web all the way around the head but we didn’t want to waste the ink in our marker on something that really might have been too much and too busy. ?No one looks at the back anyway, and with the way we did the web, it looked like it intentionally stopped where it did. ?Nothing lazy about it. ?Just practical!

Next came the eyes. ?These were a bit tricky. ?We tried different things such as using an icing pen or making them out of chocolate on wax paper and trying to transfer them. ?Both of those ideas were a fail. ?The icing pen was too runny (perhaps overheated) and took too long to dry if you’re trying to avoid it dripping. ?And trying to transfer pre-made eyes onto the pop made them too three dimensional. ?With all of these trial and errors, and not wanting to waste anymore pops than necessary, we picked one Spider-Man head to try all of the variations on until we got it right. Check out our guinea pig.

What we found worked best was filling an icing bag with chocolate and piping the eyes on with the small, round 3 tip. ?The tricky part is getting the chocolate the right temperature. ?If it’s too hot, you will lose all control. ?But if it’s not warm enough, it will harden in the bag before getting it onto your cake pop. ?So once we got in the flow, we had to get all the eyes on fast. ?I’m sure that there is a more efficient way to pipe with chocolate, but that learning adventure will be a blog for another day.

When the birthday party came around, our final product was a hit as usual. ?My son ate his fair share of his super hero cake pops and there were no leftovers to be had.

So tell us… who’s your favorite superhero?