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Did you see our teaser picture on Facebook? ?Did you make a guess at what it was? ?You probably already know based simply on the title of this blog, but we made a giraffe cake for a friend’s little girl’s 2nd birthday party this weekend!

This cake was designed as a cupcake cake. ?Cupcake cakes are perfect for parties, as they have the appearance of an actual cake, but the serving ease of traditional cupcakes! ?They make hosting a party all the easier.

We started by creating our design with the cupcakes. ?Sometimes I use pennies to map out how I’m going to arrange the cupcakes, but this time around I was pretty confident in my design and skipped that step. ?But feel free to check out that blog if you’d like to see how to plan out your cupcake cake designs!

After getting the cupcakes just where you want them, put a dab of icing on the bottom of each cupcake to help keep them in place. ?Then, using the large Wilton icing tip with a 16 inch Wilton decorating bag, cover your cake in icing. ?Once you have it generally in place, start to smooth it out over the cupcakes.

Once you complete that process, your cake should look like this…

Next it was time for spots. ?In order for the spots to actually come out as circles, I used the bottom of a small cup to make outlines in the icing.

I then outlined those circles, and iced them in the middle. ?I like using a Wilton #5 tip to do a back and forth motion. ?To me, this is a cute and soft texture when covering small areas. ?Another option is to use a paint brush to swirl and smooth the icing out after you’ve applied it. ?If you’ve seen our Toy Story Cake, that’s a method I used there. ?Also, you could fill the circles in using the Wilton star tips. ?I am not a huge fan of the star tips, so it’s something I tend to avoid. ?But that’s just a matter of opinion. ?Do whatever gets you the texture you like best!

If you’re curious what size cup I used, I went for the smallest one I could find. ?Which for me, happened to be the bottom of my son’s Spider-Man cup.

Now it was time for the details. ?I used the Wilton grass tip to make hair down the giraffe’s neck and on top of his head. ?I used the Wilton #12 tip to pipe on the eyes. ?And I used the Witlon #5 tip to pipe on the mouth and eye lashes.

As the final of final touches, this giraffe needed a tail. ?That was a little tricky since cupcakes are too wide to be a tail and it obviously couldn’t levitate out in space. ?So I decided to make use of the cake board and draw it on there using tip #5 for the base of the tail and the grass tip for the hair on the end.

And here’s the final product!!!

Love it! ?And I’m sure little Esti did too. ?Happy birthday, big girl!