This year, for my youngest son’s second birthday, we decided to go with a race track theme.  This kid loves all kinds of cars, especially fast ones that zoom down tracks!  So for him, it was perfect!

The biggest take-away decorating tip that comes from this project, is the idea of working in layers.  Getting images to line up perfectly next to each other can be tricky.  But if you start with the bottom most image and work from there, what starts out looking a little messy can end up looking quite perfect.

To start, I wanted to make sure that I got a good oval shape for the race track outline.  So I used a bowl from my cupboard to make two side-by-side circles as my guide.  It doesn’t matter how messy of marks they make in the icing since the entire cake is going to be covered in the design.

Race Track Cake 01

Race Track Cake 02
After that, I started by icing on the track.  It started out looking messy, but do not fear.  I used the Wilton icing tip just to get the icing in place. and then I smoothed it out with a Wilton spatula.  Even after smoothing it out, though, it did not have a perfect edge.  But this is where the working layer by layer idea comes in.  No need to worry about that messy edge, because it will later be covered up by grass.

Race Track Cake 03

Race Track Cake 04
At this point, I added my details to the track.  Race Track Cake 05

And for the final touches, I piped on the checkered flag design around the edges, followed by grass piped on in all the space left on the top surface of the cake.

Race Track Cake 06

Race Track Cake 07
I absolutely love grass piped on a cake.  It’s one of the easiest (yet most hand cramping) designs to do, and it always looks fantastic.

Happy Birthday, my little Noah!

Race Track Cake 08