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Starting a new hobby can be daunting. ?Especially if you’re not a natural from the get-go. ?Now, I know a lot of my La Hoot fans think I’m this artsy-fartsy talent explosion. 😉 ?And when it comes to some of my cupcake-cake designs, I might begin to agree with you a tad bit. ?But when it comes to making flowers out of royal icing? ?No way!

When I started cake decorating through a Wilton class at JoAnn’s 4 years ago (woah… 4 years!… mind blown right now cause I still totally feel like a newbie), I was absolutely terrible at making flowers. ?I just couldn’t get the hang of it. ?I couldn’t master the motion and control needed to make a beautiful Wilton rose.

It would have been easy to give up and decide that cake decorating just wasn’t my area of talent. ?That I was running down the wrong path. ?But thank God I didn’t do that. ?Instead, I kept working at my skills and practiced. ?I celebrated the creative kids cakes that I was making, and I continued to practice flowers in my free time.

So long story short… check out the progress I made in these photos here!

Royal Icing Wilton Rose
If you have a new hobby that you’re passionate about, I encourage you to keep running towards it. ?And remember that there is always room for improvement. ?Even looking at the blue rose above, I’m excited to see how my skills compare in ANOTHER four years!

Now, here are some pictures to enjoy of the finished product. ?This cross cupcake cake was ordered for a special first communion. ?And I was very pleased with the way my flowers turned out for it!

First Communion Cross Cupcake Cake 01

First Communion Cross Cupcake Cake 02