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“Something simple… like polka dots.”

Sure, I said! ?At the time, I agreed that polka dots sounded super simple. ?Easy peasy. ?Piece of cake. ?Dot, dot, dot, done, right?


Polka dots are hard. ?Once I started to realize this, I did a quick Google search for polka dot cake pops. ?I was hoping to find some secret that I was missing. ?But instead, all I found was an image search filled with other hideous polka dot cake pops. ?Apparently the perfect technique has yet to be found. ?Unfortunately, I’m not here to give it to you. ?Not because I’m harboring my secrets, but because I haven’t found it either. ?In fact, this is the very first cake or cake pop request that I actually gave up on. ?Here is a picture of my epic fails…

Terrible, right? ?Nothing classy about that picture. ?Lucky for me, the customer was very flexible in what she was looking for, so I was able to switch up the vision in order to deliver her a classy creation that had a polka dot effect.

WAY better! ?In fact, she said they went even better with her theme than traditional polka dots would have since they were looking for a rustic and shabby chic effect. ?They were perfect!

Here’s a little picture of them side-by-side with the original polka dot attempt. ?I mean, really, which one would you rather eat?

So what would I suggest to you? ?How about you find the perfect method for polka dot cake pops and clue me in? ?Ok, ok, just kidding (kind of). ?But really, I’d suggest using nonpareils in place of polka dots. ?Not only can you put a drizzle on and apply them as I did here, but you could sprinkle them lightly over the entire pop like I did back for Mothers Day.

I really enjoyed how the finished product came together.

In fact, I liked them so much that I featured the same design for this season’s Christmas Cake Pop Specials!

Speaking of which… our cake pops make great Christmas presents or desserts for your holiday parties. ?If you’d like to place an order, email me at [email protected]!