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I’m so excited to share this cake project with you. ?It is one of my absolute favorites and was based off of a Pinterest Pin sent to me. ?What they wanted was a paper airplane theme complete with cupcake toppers and a cake topper. ?And since I’ve been working on my paper crafting skills, I was pumped for the task. ?Projects like this get me closer and closer to opening my Etsy shop! ?Although I must admit… the paper airplanes in this project were crafted by my husband. ?But he’s my partner in this business building world, and it brought out the kid inside of him, so he had a good time with it.

I started with the 6 Inch cake that would serve as the cornerstone of the dessert display. ?It was three layers tall and iced in white buttercream frosting. ?Once I had the edges smooth and ready for decorations, I started by painting on the bee line and name. ?Now, this was a first for me and I hope it’s not a last. ?I had never painted on a cake before. ?I had always used icing with an icing bag and tip. ?But to get the flat look that I was going for, this was necessary. ?And really, it wasn’t difficult.

To paint on a cake, you need a tiny little dish and a tiny little paint brush. ?You put a tiny bit of gel coloring in the dish with a tiny splash of vodka. ?Say what!? ?Yes, vodka. ?You’e using such a minimal amount that it will evaporate off of the cake like it was never there, leaving the gel coloring behind on the cake. ?Perfection. ?I have no doubt that I will continue to use this method in the future. ?It really opens up a whole world of creativity!



Next, it was time to put on the cake topper. ?I wanted to put it on before finishing the design so that I could decorate around it and make sure it fit into the design just right. ?My husband had already made the paper airplane for me and we had already let the glue set that was attaching it to the wire. ?I then took the wire that already had a natural curve to it, and inserted it a couple inches into the cake. ? How cute is it just floating above the cake with a little bit of bounce?

All that was left at this point was to add the clouds and the border with my delicious buttercream icing. ?I used the large, Witlon Tip 10 for the clouds. ?After getting the icing where I wanted it, I used a clean paintbrush to swirl it around and give it some dimension.




And here are some pictures of the cupcake toppers that accompanied this cake to the party!



I am loving getting into these paper crafting cupcake and cake topper ideas. ?Have something you’d like me to try? ?Message me for a quote. ?And hopefully (if time allows), I will be getting my Etsy shop up and running soon like I keep talking and dreaming about!