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These cake pops were a little intimidating to me at first. ?When I did a quick google search to find some inspiration for cake splatter cake pops, I found two categories of results. ?Either they were SO messy that they looked like an accident, or they were SO perfect that they looked like star bursts more than paint splatters. ?But I decided to err on the side of perfect and somehow got lucky enough to land right in the middle.

I started by dipping all of the cake pops in white. ?I then made four small bowls of melting chocolate in the four colors that I wanted on the cake pop. ?Each cake pop would get one splatter of each color.

Paint Splatter Cake Pops 06

I then used the end of a cake pop stick to put a large dabble of chocolate on the cake pop, and to pull the chocolate out from the middle in multiple directions. ?It’s ok to get messy with this. ?Perhaps make intentional splotches radiating out to create an actual splatter effect.

Now… I’ve mentioned my stage-fright for taking videos before. ?Unfortunately that hasn’t changed yet. ?So you’ll have to deal with the play-by-play of pictures for now. ?Hah! ?My husband did a good job being my photographer though, don’t you think?

Paint Splatter Cake Pops 01

Paint Splatter Cake Pops 02

Paint Splatter Cake Pops 03

Paint Splatter Cake Pops 04

Paint Splatter Cake Pops 05

Ta da! ?A paint splatter! ?Looks harder than it is, right? ?I just loved how these beauties came out. ?Have an artist in your life that you want to surprise with a special treat! ?Order them a dozen and I bet you’ll make their day!

Paint Splatter Cake Pops 07