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Did you get a chance to check out our blog about the 12 Owl Cake Pops Sittin’ in a Tree earlier this week? ?If not, be sure to hop back and take a look. ?The end product was quite adorable! ?Now I’m here to show you how I made those deliciously cute little owls that perched on top!

To start, you want to portion and roll all of your cake pops into balls. ?Put them in the fridge for about 10-20 minutes to let them stiffen up. ?Then take them out and use your fingers to squeeze them into an owl shape. ?Essentially, you’ll take both of your thumbs and first fingers and squeeze so that the top has a more squared off shape, and the bottom is left poofing out like a little belly. ?They should look like this…

Owl Cake Pops 01

Next, it’s time to create some owl features using candy.

Confession time… It is totally my secret dream as a cake pop maker to have an entire cupboard full of candy and sprinkles on hand at all times. ?It would be so fun to just sit and stare at it and brainstorm up all kinds of creative ways to use the shapes to make new creations! ?Anyway… back to the owls.

I used heart shaped sprinkles for the wings and chip shaped sprinkles for the ears. ?I attached all of them by dipping just their edges in chocolate and then holding them in place long enough that they stuck. ?Once they were stuck, I put them back in the fridge a few minutes to make sure they were fully dry before dipping them in the pink chocolate to have my owl!

Owl Cake Pops 02

Owl Cake Pops 03

In these pictures, you see I used dark sprinkles for the ears, but going forward, it would have been better to use a lighter color, or one that matched the chocolate. ?I didn’t really like how the dark color showed through on the finished product.

Before the pink chocolate dried, I added on the rest of my candy adornments. ?I used flat colorful large confetti sugar disks ?for behind the eyes, and little star shaped sugar pieces for the feet. ?And you can’t forget the little chip shaped piece for the nose! ?Almost done!

Owl Cake Pops 04

Once this step of the owl is completely dry, grab some white chocolate and a toothpick. ?Ever so gently, use the tip of the toothpick to make a little triangle of dots on the owls belly and he’ll be perfectly complete!

Owl Cake Pops 05

I seriously fall in love with these little guys every time I look at them. ?They’re so goofy and fun and not too entirely difficult to do! ?Half the battle with creating fun cake pops is just getting inspired by the shapes offered to us by incorporating candy!