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La Hoot’s new product line of flavored cake pops is finally here! ?And I couldn’t bring it in without throwing a party of course! ?This past saturday night, we invited 30 people to our house to taste and provide feedback on 10 new cake pop flavors. ?What did they say? ?Oh, just things like “AWESOME,” “Delicious,” “My fave,” and “Don’t change a thing!” ?Along with that, they gave us suggestions on how to make them even better (if possible!) and ideas for future flavors. ?The tasting party was quite a success and I’m here to tell you a smidge about it!

A great party always starts with a classy set up. ?My brother crafted me some wooden cake pop display boards and I put together the night’s menu. ?The night would consist of five flights of cake pops over the course of two hours.

Everyone was given a questionnaire, 5 tickets to be redeemed for cake pops, and a coupon for their next cake pop order with La Hoot.

There were door prizes to be awarded throughout the night. ?Some included an exclusive flavor, Chocolate Covered Pretzel, that wasn’t being featured that night. ?Another was an assortment of the night’s tastings. ?And the grand prize was an owl spoon rest equipped with a coupon for 1 dozen free cake pops to be ordered for the winner’s next event!

Once everyone had arrived, we started the tastings and our guests started making notes on their questionnaires. ?I couldn’t be more grateful for all of the helpful comments I was given. ?People really took the feedback seriously and that was a huge reason for the success of this event!

Over the course of 2 hours, the 30 of us ate over 150 cake pops! ?Disturbing? ?Perhaps… Delicious and fun? ?Yes!

So what was the favorite? ?Well… it was a sneak attack win from the Strawberries ‘N Cream! ?Everyone tasted it with low expectations but then was blown away by how amazing it was. ?The other top contenders were Cookies ‘N Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Cookie Dough (my personal favorite!).

Of the 11 flavors we passed around that night (including the exclusive Chocolate Covered Pretzel in the door prizes), 10 of them made the cut for you to start purchasing today! ?It’s true. ?One missed the mark. ?Oranges ‘N Cream just wasn’t orange enough. ?That doesn’t mean it won’t be available soon. ?It just means that we take the feedback we get very seriously and once we’ve perfected it, we’ll be happy to add it to our menu!

Want to know about ALL the flavors that were featured that night and how you can get your hands on them? ?Check out Our Prices Page to see what’s waiting for your sweet tooth!