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Time for another Frozen themed cake! ?This time, featuring Olaf! ?The beloved silly snowman. ?Perhaps you saw our teaser on Facebook this week where we featured this picture of the cupcakes all set up. ?Almost everyone guessed Olaf, but we also had a few guesses for a duck. ?That’s whats fun about teasers…. it’s like looking for shapes in the clouds. ?Everyone can see something different!

Olaf Cupcake Cake 01

To get Olaf started, I outlined his entire shape in black icing with a large round Wilton Icing Tip #2A. ?I then used my Wilton 9 Inch Spatula to gently pull the edges inward. ?This technique makes the outline look more natural and less tube-like. ?And the rough edges on the inside will be covered with white icing in the next step.

Olaf Cupcake Cake 02

Olaf Cupcake Cake 03

Next, I made another outline in white, again using the Wilton 2A Tip. ?Also, be sure to fill in any gaps between the cupcakes with icing as well so that your finished product doesn’t have dips in it. ?This outline does not need to be smoothed down because you follow this step by icing everything inside of it white. ?I do this by dropping large dallops of icing onto the cake and very gently pushing it out until it reaches the edges. ?Then, I use my spatula to create a back and forth sweeping motion to add texture to the icing.

Olaf Cupcake Cake 04

Olaf Cupcake Cake 05

Now it’s time for the fun part… bringing him to life!!!! ?I used the Wilton Round Icing Tip #5?to draw all the details on his face and color in the features. ?This one tip did all the jobs including the buttons down the front of his belly.

Olaf Cupcake Cake 06

And for the final touch, I went back to my Wilton 2A Tip with brown icing this time. ?I drew his arms and hair directly onto the board and used a spatula to pull them into the right shape. ?And I added some dimension by using some black icing with a Wilton #2 Tip?to etch some lines in the branches. ?And just like that, you’ve got yourself an Olaf! ?How happy is he!?

Olaf Cupcake Cake 07
And depending on how many party guests you’ll be entertaining, you could add some snowflake cupcakes on the side like we did here!

Snowflake Cupcakes