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Do you remember our Lego Block Cake we posted about earlier this week? ?Well, these cake pops went along side that cake to serve as favors for the same party! ?I absolutely love seeing themes carried throughout multiple desserts, decorations, and giveaways at a party! ?It definitely increases the wow factor in the eyes of your guests.

These cake pops are different than ones I’ve done before, in that the shaping of them is a little more like cutting out cookies, than it is rolling and molding. ?I made my dough, set it on the counter, and rolled it out with a rolling pin. ?This is a little tricky, in that cake pop dough likes to crack when rolling it out. ?So the process can become long. ?While you might hope to roll out a large ball of dough and cut them all out at once, you might find that only a few square inches of it roll out without cracks and ready to use. ?You’ll need to roll it out, use the good parts, then ball it up and repeat. ?But never fear, you’ll get there.

After rolling out your dough and keeping it thick, you’ll want to cut rectangles out of it with a butter knife. ?In the next steps, you’ll be using Smarties candies to create the pips on the Lego blocks. ?So to get the right size rectangle, you might want to set six Smarties on the dough as a guide and cut accordingly.

Lego Block Cake Pops 01

Lego Block Cake Pops 02


Keep repeating this process until you’ve got all the rectangles you need lined up on your wax paper.

Lego Block Cake Pops 03
Next, you want to get the pips on the blocks. ?Using a toothpick, put some melted chocolate on one side of the Smarties and stick them in place. ?Insert your cake pop sticks and let the chocolate dry before moving on to the next step.

Lego Block Cake Pops 04
Once the chocolate has hardened, you only have one step left… the dipping! ? Be gentle, as thinner cake pops like these are more fragile than your traditional spheres. ?You don’t want your chocolate to thick or your cake pop too thin, or you’ll have many a cake pop fatality with it falling off the stick. ?But here it is… the finished product!

Lego Cake Pops 06

Lego Block Cake Pops 05