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What a fantastic year 2013 has been for La Hoot. ?I really couldn’t be happier with the events we’ve hosted, creations we’ve made, and fans we’ve touched. ?At the beginning of 2013, La Hoot was only a mere 4 months old. ?Things were just getting rolling and I couldn’t have guessed the growth I would be blessed enough to see. ?Let’s take a peak at La Hoot’s big moments of the year.


In July, we hosted our debut Cake Pop Tasting Party where we featured 10 of our 13 new flavored cake pops! ?This was a fantastic kickoff for our flavored cake pop line featuring favorites such as Cookie Dough, Strawberries ‘N Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip! In one evening, nearly 200 cake pops were enjoyed and it was a blast! ?In fact, if you’re interested in hosting one of your own, you can find more details here.

In August, we set up a booth at The Copley Heritage Days where we had the pleasure of making new friends and meeting other vendors in the community.

We also had the pleasure of appearing at a few weddings this year! ?First, with some cake balls, and in December, with a grooms cake!


Something very significant this year for La Hoot is that we started the creation of our own recipes for our cakes and cake pops! ?At this point, we can proudly say, each recipe we serve is created and crafted by us. ?So if you like what you taste, you know where to find it!

Now, when it comes to decorating, the bar is always rising here at La Hoot. ?Here are just a few of my favorite creations we had the pleasure of making this past year.

And we can’t forget all the gender reveal cakes and cake pops we did! ?That is surely one of my favorite events to be a part of! ?What’s even more exciting is that we already have a few on the books for January!


That’s you! ?Because of your enthusiasm and loyalty, we’ve grown to nearly 250 likes on Facebook!? We’ve also made our presence known on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!? We absolutely love interacting with you via social media and are looking forward to connecting even more in the coming year.

Some things to expect in 2014…

  • More blogs! ?Tell us what you’d like to learn about in the baking world and we’d be happy to share our experience with you in our blogging world. ?We’re not just here to provide you with dessert (although that is a delicious option), but we want to stand at your side for your baking adventures as well!
  • An Etsy store! ?It was my hope to start La Hoot’s Etsy store this past fall (featuring cupcake toppers and party decorations), but with the surge of orders we had (a good problem, for sure!), this has now become a 2014 goal! ?What kinds of themed party decor would you like to see La Hoot feature?!

Thank you for being a part of La Hoot’s success! ?Looking forward to another fun filled year in the kitchen with you. ?=)