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Based on the content of the?blogs you read here?(or quite honestly, the lack of blogging that happens time-to-time), it’s safe to assume I’m a pretty busy person. ?Taking honesty one step further, I’m often times TOO busy and I struggle to keep my head above water. ?But… I love it. ?If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it. ?And I surely wouldn’t have taken a dive into my latest adventure…

Becoming a Jamberry consultant!

Say what!? ?Yeah, yeah. ?I can hear you now. ?Wondering how I have the time. ?And how I manage it all. ?Rolling your eyes at me for putting another thing on my plate. ?But that’s the best part… it’s not entirely time consuming and it’s not a ton to manage. ?I’m already on social media all day anyway (the honesty is a rollin’) and doing parties is a fun way to get in my girl time. ?And even more importantly (and why I’m here to share this with you today), Jamberry nail wraps are a MUST HAVE for all you bakers out there. ?For serious. ?If you bake, cook, clean… do ANYthing that causes you to keep your hands in dirty dishes day in and day out… you need Jamberry in your life.

I learned about Jamberry in September. ?I signed up to be a consultant in October. ?And I haven’t had naked nails for more than about 12 hours since. ?These beautiful nail wraps?are the real deal. ?They stay on up to two weeks (even in and out of dishes!) and they don’t chip or peal like polish! ?And… they’re more affordable than going to the salon to get regular manicures and shellac!

Did you hear that? ?You can have beautiful nails AND be a baker AND not go broke! ?Doesn’t get much better than that!

And here’s the proof! ?Here is a picture of one of my Jamicures after 7 days of wear… 20 batches of cake… and 500 cake pops. ?Can you imagine the mess my hands were in? ?And they still looked beautiful!


If you want to know more, I would love to tell you all about them and how they can bring beauty to your baking life. ?Comment below, find me on Facebook, or get shopping to try them now! ?In fact, hop over to our contact us page and send me your address requesting a sample. ?I would be happy to send you one!!!