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I was approached by a customer who’s logo for her business, Tying up Loose Ends, is an hourglass with a red ribbon tied around it. ?She wanted to see me bring it to life in a cake pop so she could display them for potential clients at a networking event. ?Challenge accepted!


I absolutely love thinking outside the box when it comes to creative cake pops, so jump on in and see how I brought this idea together.

I started by portioning my cake balls, then shaping them into an hourglass shape. ?I wanted to get the middle as thin as possible without making it too weak, causing it to fall off the stick when being dipped in chocolate.

Hourglass Cake Pops 01
I dipped the pop in white chocolate, then grabbed some Keebler Grasshopper cookies and cut a hole in one so that it could slide up the stick of the cake pop. ?Putting it up the stick right away after dipping allows the wet white chocolate to act as an adhesive to keep the cookie in place when it dries. ?I also held a cookie onto the top of the cake pop. ?Once both were mostly dry, I placed the cake pop in my stand while the drying completed.

Hourglass Cake Pops 02
Next, I needed to add sanding sugar to serve as none other than the sand of the hourglass. ?To do this, I grabbed a toothpick and some melted white chocolate. ?Using the toothpick, I dabbed the white chocolate onto the cake pop in the places that I wanted the sanding sugar to stick. ?I then drizzled sanding sugar over the wet white chocolate, leaving a perfect dusting right where I wanted it.

Hourglass Cake Pops 03

Hourglass Cake Pops 04

Hourglass Cake Pops 05

For the final touch, I cut some long strips of red licorice and tied them gently around the cake pop to serve as the red bow from her logo.

Hourglass Cake Pops 07

Have a logo or mark of your business that you think might work well as a cake pop? ?Message me and chances are, I can come up with something for you! ?Your clients are sure to love the personal touch that comes with a special treat like this one!