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Did you see my post on Facebook this week about my discovery of luster dust!? ?I am IN LOVE! ?I’ve played with luster dust once before (a long long time ago when learning to make fondant flowers), but I have never played with it on cake pops. ?But let me tell you… it is so pretty! ?It really makes them shimmer and adds a whole new fun dimension to decorating!

It’s pretty simple too! ?And a small jar goes a LONG way. ?All you do is grab a dry paintbrush and brush it on. ?But the results are amazing.

Check out how pretty!

Luster Dust on a Cake Pop



Frozen Cake Pops 02

Not gonna lie… I’m a LITTLE obsessed with these beauties. ?I might just have to go out and buy luster dust in every single color and start making some shimmery cake pops! ?Can’t wait to see what’s next!!!