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This past weekend, La Hoot was asked to do a birthday cake/smash cake combo for a friend of our’s little girl who was turning one! ?(You may have noticed by now that smash cakes are one of our specialties, as a lot of our friends are in that baby booming stage of life.) ?When making the cake plans with our friends, we asked a little bit about their girl, Esti, hoping to capture the perfect vision for their birthday cake celebration. ?What they told us was that their nickname for little Esti was “Bug.” ?And what bug-like cake is more perfect for one’s little lady than a lady bug cake?!

I can’t say enough how PUMPED I was for this cake. ?For anyone that’s known me for a decent amount of time, you may also know that lady bugs are kinda my thing. ?This goes back to early high school when I created my AIM screen name of LayDeBug923. ?Shamefully enough, I still use this username for many a thing. ?Haha. ?Anyway, with the many lady bug doodles that occured throughout my high school notebooks, I had no fear of conquering this super special smash cake for our friend’s little bug. ?=)

We strarted by baking up one of our over sized cupcakes. ?Lindsey has this really awesome cake mold that basically makes a top and a bottom half of the cupcake. ?You then take these two halves, shave them down a bit so they sit level together, and “glue” them together with a bit of icing. ?We then piped our red lady bug icing around the seam to help keep it secure. ?From there, we started covering it in red stars to get the base of our lady bug.

After completing the stars on top, we transferred the cupcake to it’s cake board and put some grass around the base using the very awesome grass tip. ?Not only does this add a cool effect, but it helped keep things from sliding around.

To finish it up was so easy. ?Just piped on a face, a stripe down the back, a few dots and a two little eyes and presto! ?You’ve got yourself an adorable lady bug jumbo cupcake ready to be smashed up by a one year old. ?=)

Of course more people at the party needed some cake than little Esti herself, so we whipped up a round cake that would compliment the smash cake. ?We decorated it with the grass border and drew on some lady bugs. ?My favorite part are their little flight paths. ?Cute, right?

And here are the two cakes side-by-side to give you perspective on the cupcakes size and so you can see our whole vision. ?Love it. ?=)