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My nephews birthday party has came and went and his cake was quite a hit for us on Facebook! ?This year, my brother picked out a football theme for him and requested a Jersey Cupcake Cake and Football Cake Pops! ?Now, this could be customized with the colors of your favorite team, but in our case, we were going for the Cleveland Browns! ?And obviously the number (age) and name could be customized as well. ?If you’re local to Akron, contact us for a quote and you could be eating this deliciousness at your next football party. ?Better yet… the super bowl!

If you’re not from Akron and are considering giving this cake design a shot yourself, here are a few pictures of how I set up my cupcakes, iced the cake solid, and then completed my details on top!

Football Jersey Cupcake Cake 03

Football Jersey Cupcake Cake 02

Football Jersey Cupcake Cake 01

And of course, a close-up of the football cake pops. ?Now, I absolutely hate piping on cake pops with chocolate. ?Mostly because it’s a skill I have yet to master. ?So what I prefer and find to be all the more crisp, is to pipe designs on with Wilton’s royal icing. ?It gets extremely hard so as to give a nice clean look on the cake pop! ?That’s how I did the designs on the footballs here…

Football Cake Pops

What a fun party and what a happy happy birthday boy working hard at blowing out his candles. ?Love this little guy! ?Happy 3rd birthday, Isaac!

Football Jersey Cupcake Cake 05

Looking foward to many more years of making your birthday cakes! ?Want to see his first two birthday cakes? ?You can see his robot cake here and his dump truck cake here!