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So sometimes melting chocolate is my worst enemy. ?It can be quite the frustration. ?One wrong move and you’ll find yourself with chunky chocolate that seems like it’s past all hope. ?But lucky for you, I’ve found a new way to fix it!

First, if it’s extremely thick AND chunky, then you need to add vegetable oil to thin it down. ?Add it slowly, as a little bit goes a long way. ?Other options to thin out your chocolate are to add crisco or paramount crystals. ?But in my experience, I’ve found vegetable oil to be the easiest and most reliable of the three.

Now you should have your chocolate thinned down a bit where it will run off of a spoon. ?If it still has chunks throughout, this is where my new trick comes in. ?Grab a mini-strainer and set it overtop of a mug. ?Then pour the chocolate through the strainer, swirling it around with a spoon to get it to go through.


Now, chunks might still be minor, but if you’ll be putting any other decorations on the cake pop, I’m sure that the tiny flaws will become hidden. ?It’s not an ideal process to have to go through, but I’d say this alternative definitely beats throwing the whole batch of chocolate and starting over!