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Especially these two! ?Over the course of two weekends, I had the pleasure of making two Lego Man cupcake cakes! ?One of which was for my son, Nathan who was turning 5!

Let’s just pause for a second to entertain a moment that melted my heart. ?Here’s my big boy who pulled up a chair all on his own and asked if he could watch me make his cake. ?And upon completion he looked at me with all sincerity and said “Wow, mommy. ?This is going to be the best birthday party ever. ?The cake is just what I wanted. ?I wish I could keep it forever.” ?Sigh… this is why I do what I do. ?Whether the joy is brought to my own child, or to another adoring La Hoot fan, it is SO worth it to make someone’s special occasion even greater!

Lego Movie Cakes Batman Emmet 08

Ok, back to business! ?;)

As you see in the pictures above and below, I set up my cupcakes in the traditional Lego man shape. ?But in this case, I added two more to the top so that there was space to ice on Batman’s ears. ?I also piped icing into any holes that were left between the cupcakes in the design. ?This creates a more solid foundation that will keep your icing from caving into holes after your project has been completed. ?After all the cupcakes are secured in the shape that you like, go ahead and get your main color on the majority of the cake. ?In this case, it was the gray for Batman’s body.

Lego Movie Cakes Batman Emmet 02

Lego Movie Cakes Batman Emmet 03

Next, it was time for Batmans face and mask. ?This part was intimidating to me! ?If I didn’t get the mask just right, he wouldn’t look like batman at all. ?What I did was work in layers. ?I started by icing on the colors that would be below the mask. ?So the white that would be set in the background behind his ears, the whites of his eyes, and the ivory of his face. ?It looked REALLY silly before putting the mask on, but sometimes you’ve got to keep your vision on the finished product.

Lego Movie Cakes Batman Emmet 04

I then took a toothpick and made some outlines of where I wanted the eyes and mouth to be before diving into icing on the mask. ?Now, I wanted Batman’s mask to be very crisp and stern. ?The feature that was most important to this was his nose. ?To get the nose to be prominent, I added some more dimension by making the icing double thick here. ?Then I used my Wilton spatula?to smooth it down to blend into the rest of the face. ?I must say… I’m proud of all of my cakes… but this Batman mask… I was QUITE pleased with how it turned out!!!

Lego Movie Cakes Batman Emmet 05

And here is the final product. ?Batman… Lego style!

Lego Movie Cakes Batman Emmet 06

And of course, also from the movie, and assembled and decorated with the same process as above… Emmet!

Lego Movie Cakes Batman Emmet 07

These cakes definitely made way for two happy little birthday boys! ? And with the ongoing love I’m seeing for the Lego movie, I won’t be surprised when more requests for other characters come my way! ?Stay tuned!