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Tips we’ve learned along the way…

Jo-Anns is the most convenient- they accept any number of coupons you have, no matter the % off. ?So, you can use four 40% off coupons on four items. ?They also accept competitor coupons. ?If you get on their mailing list and email list, you get coupons in the mail and in your email to print out, and you can take them all with you. ?There is also a Jo-Ann app for smartphone users, and within the app is a link for coupons and you can use them straight from your phone in store.

Michael’s is less convenient, but still okay- they accept ONE coupon?per % off, and you can’t stack coupons. ?But like Jo-Anns, they also accept competitor coupons if you don’t have a Michael’s one handy (remember only one coupon per % off). ?You can get on the Michael’s email list and get coupons in your inbox, or, you can print them straight off their website. ?Michael’s has an app, but the app does not contain coupons.

Hobby Lobby DOES NOT accept competitor coupons, and they only accept one coupon per purchase. ?However, we’ve found they have the lowest price on many things. ?Hobby Lobby’s mobile site for Droids or IPhone app always has a 40% off coupon and they take it off your phone in store.

Moral of the story- NEVER buy ANYTHING at these 3 stores full price unless it’s a sad day and you have more to buy than the 20 coupons in your hand. 🙂