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Oh, Chevron… how everyone loves thee! ?Including me! ?I recently had the pleasure of doing a sheet cake and smash cake combo for a dear friend who’s daughter was turning one! ?Little Nora has a love for pink and orange (or at least a fabulously decorated nursery that tells her so), so alas… along came a pink and orange chevron cake for the little bean!

The biggest challenge I anticipated with decorating a chevron cake was making the lines straight. ? After some digging online, I found this helpful blog that teaches you how to make a template for your chevron lines. ?This was hugely helpful, but adapting this method to use on butter cream was my next challenge.

With the paper wanting to fold up on me, and not being able to just hold it down (for fear of putting fingerprints and divots in my cake), I decided to hold the template in place with toothpicks. ?I then used another toothpick to trace the chevron pattern onto the cake. ?This worked wonderfully, and then I was able to just lift the template and move it up or down to make the next set of lines.

Chevron Sheet Cake 01
To get the shape of the design on the center of the cake, I used my handy dandy Cricut machine to cut myself a template, then traced it onto the middle. ?And to make the straight lines next to it for the middle stripe, I used the edge of a ruler to make indentations.

Chevron Sheet Cake 02
Next, I simply went to town coloring it in. ?Outlines first. ?Filling in second. ?Swirling the icing with a paint brush to add some texture third. ?And… ta da!

Chevron Sheet Cake 03

Chevron Sheet Cake and Smash Cake

The process for the matching smash cake was the same. ?Here are some pictures of the play by play for you to enjoy!

Chevron Smash Cake 01

Chevron Smash Cake 02

Chevron Smash Cake 03

And of course… and most importantly… Nora approved! ?Happy 1st birthday, little Nora! ?Thanks for letting me play a role in your special day!

Nora Chevron Smash Cake