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This cake and cupcake combo has quickly become a favorite of La Hoot fans. ?While it’s easy to make, it’s also an absolutely adorable hit.

First off, whenever cutting a cake into a shape, I suggest freezing it first. ?Especially if you have a really moist cake. ?It will make it easier to cut precisely if it’s stiff. ?That doesn’t mean to try to cut through while it’s still frozen, though! ?Save those muscles and let it begin to thaw, but cut it while it’s still quite cold. ?You can see here how I cut this barn out of a standard 9×13 chocolate cake.

Barnyard Cake 01

Barnyard Cake 02


Next, ice the cake smooth in red. ?While you’re letting the icing harden up a bit, grab your graham crackers. ?Breaking them in half (so that you have squares), and starting at the peak of the roof, press them into the icing so that they serve as shingles.

Barnyard Cake 03

Next, using a toothpick, and working from the inside out, put lines in the icing to make it look like a wooden barn. ?Working from the inside out will help you keep the spacing even. ?But if you’re worried about it, you could use a ruler to make little marks to plan out the spacing of your lines.

Barnyard Cake 04


Next, using a flat icing tip, ice on the barn door and window. ?I lined mine up with the panels of the barn so that I could be sure it was centered and straight. ?Again, if you’re nervous, you can always use a toothpick to sketch where you want your icing to go so that you have a guideline. ?Don’t feel like you need to go freehand! ?For the final touch, add a little grass to the bottom and your barn is complete!

Barnyard Cake 05

Nothing completes this barn better than some barnyard animals to set by it’s side! ?Pigs, chicks, and sheep galore!

Pig Cupcakes

Chick Cupcakes

Sheep Cupcakes

And here’s the whole project all together!