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I am absolutely loving the flood of Frozen orders I’ve been getting. ?The best part? ?They’ve all been different! ?It’s been so fun having the opportunity to make an Olaf cupcake cake, an Elsa quarter sheet cake, Frozen cake pops, and now… an ELSA DOLL CAKE!

When I first started doing some research as to how I was going to decorate this beauty, I found myself a bit stumped. ?For one… most examples that I found were done with fondant and extremely extravagant. ?These were not helpful to me, as I was looking for a buttercream inspiration. ?But the buttercream examples I was finding were less than desirable. ?There just wasn’t much out there that was both beautiful AND budget friendly for my customer. ?So… I had to come up with my own inspiration!

To start, I had to get the Elsa Doll?in the cake. ?This part is tricky because not only do you want to avoid cracking your cake in half, but Elsa is taller than the cake is. ?Using the?Wilton Doll Cake Pan?makes this a little easier, as it already has a hole through the center of the cake. ?While Elsa is wider than the hole, having this starting space makes your cake less likely to crack in half. ?Just be sure to push her in slowly!

Next, you’ll notice that when Elsa’s feet hit the cake board, her waist is still taller than the cake. ?but that’s ok! ?When putting on my initial layer of icing, I simply built it up higher to meet her waistline. ?I think this actually gives her a more slender, natural look, as opposed to the bubble princess dress that this cake mold naturally creates.

Elsa Doll Cake 01

I decided to pull inspiration for one aspect of Elsa’s dress from a cake I had done in the past for a baby shower.

Flowers and Frills

To get this look, you first ice the cake solid. ?Then you warm a butter knife under hot running water. ?Dry it off. ? Hold it at an angle at the bottom of the cake. ?Start spinning the cake with your Wilton Spinning Cake Stand?and slowly move your knife up the cake with each rotation. ?You never want to lift your knife off the cake. ?Just slowly raise your wrist so that eventually, you’ve swirled your cake all the way to the top!

Elsa Doll Cake 02

Next, I drew the inspiration for the back of her dress from another fun cake technique I’ve used before.


For this technique, you use Wilton Tip #12?to make large dots in a row along the bottom edge of her dress. ?I actually put my first row on the cake board. ?Then, using the back of a spoon, you press and smooth the dot upwards. ?After you’ve done the complete bottom row, then you place the next row of dots right on top and continue until you’ve reached the top of her dress!

Elsa Doll Cake 06
After this, all Elsa needed was a little sparkle! ?With some clear sugar crystals and just a few snowflake sprinkles, this doll cake was complete and ready to wow a little girl on her 3rd birthday!

Elsa Doll Cake 04

Elsa Doll Cake 05