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Has anyone else noticed a rising overwhelming love for elephants at baby showers? ?My prediction is that elephants are the next wave of cuteness… the owls of the future. ?Because I keep getting orders with elephants as the feature!

Anyhow, this time the elephant order was for a cupcake cake. ?I started by mapping it out with cupcakes, trying to get as close to my customers guest count as possible.

Elephant Cupcake Cake 01
The cuteness was already beginning just by the shape, so making this cake adorable was easy as pie. ?I started by icing the cake solid, etching my designs in with a toothpick, and then completing it with icing. ?Here are some pictures of the cake from beginning to end.

Elephant Cupcake Cake 02

Elephant Cupcake Cake 03

Elephant Cupcake Cake 04