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A few weekends ago, we had the pleasure of providing our first bridal shower cake. ?Exciting, right?! ?The request was inspired by the Tutu Onesie Cupcake Cake we did last summer that you can see in a previous blog, here.? But this time around, it was going to be in the shape of a wedding dress!!!

Using my new found penny mapping technique, I tried many different arrangements to get my creative juices flowing. ?It’s harder than one may think to take a particular amount of cupcakes requested by a customer and make them into the shape you’re going for. ?But, finally, I happily ended up on this one…

?When the bake day came, I got the cupcakes arranged on the board and tested out the placement of the ribbon accent…

Then, removing the ribbon, I went ahead to ice the bottom cupcakes to create a fluffy, ballgown effect. ?For the top, I started by icing it plain until I set my mind on the perfect embroidery design.

After many trials and errors, I settled on this beaded look for the top. ?I think sprinkled the entire cake with sugar crystals to make it sparkle and added the ribbon back on to complete the design.

As per usual, I found myself staring at this cake feeling that something was missing. ?After much silence and my husband trying to reassure me that it looked great, it dawned on me. ?This dress didn’t just need a ribbon, it needed a bow. ?So I pulled the ribbon back out and fashioned a bow with a long tail. ?I then adhered it to the ribbon belt with using a safety pin and like magic… the cake was perfect.

Sometimes it’s the smallest details that really make a cake pop. ?It just takes some time letting the wheels turn in your brain to figure out exactly what detail it is.

In the end, I was quite pleased, and so was the bride! ?Gorgeous. ?=)