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I’m 29 going on 30 and apparently the cool thing to do right now in my friends lives is to have babies! ?You may have already noticed this, considering the number of smash cakes and gender reveal cakes and pops I’ve posted about over the past year or so. ?But this time around, I had a cake order that was extra special! ?My best friend and college roommate is expecting her first baby, a baby boy, this March. ?And I had the pleasure of doing her shower cake!

Her mom gave me pictures of the plates and napkins and told me to do anything I wanted. ?Fun! ?After checking them both out, I decided on a cupcake cake in the shape of the turtle pictured on both pieces.

Plates for Turtle Cupcake Cake Design

Napkins for Turtle Cupcake Cake Design
I started by mapping out my design with some pennies. ?They really make the perfect little tool when planning your cake design before you’ve baked your cupcakes. ?And this way, you know how many cupcakes to bake in order to get the shape just right!

Mapped Pennies for Turtle Cupcake Cake Design
I then used that template to set up the cupcakes in just the same way.

Turtle Cupcake Cake 1
Then it was on to decorating! ?I colored the shell in orange icing and searched my cupboards for three different size bowls and/or plates that I could use as stencils for the circles on it’s back. ?After finding three that seemed they would give me the right variance in size, I gently pressed them into the icing to create indentations I could trace with icing.

Turtle Cupcake Cake 2

Bowls for Turtle Cupcake Cake

Turtle Cupcake Cake 3
Next, I got my icing bags and tips out and went to town. ?In this case, and often most cases, I enjoy doing a variety of textures on the cake. ?I used the star tip for some of the design, while using a #5 tip to do straight textured lines in other parts of the design.



Then, I hopped in my car, secured the cake tightly, and drove it four hours south to Cincinnati! ?Hah! ?That was a nervous car ride. ?But it was worth it to make the future mommy’s day!

Turtle Cupcake Cake 6

Curious about the turtle’s tale? ?For that little accent piece, I cut a piece of corrugated cardboard to shape, attached a toothpick to the back, iced it to match, and set it in place next to the cake upon arrival. ?Easy peasy, yet the perfect finishing touch!