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Did you see our dinosaur cupcake cake?we created!? ?Well, now it’s time to check out the making (and destruction) of the volcano smash cake that went along with it!

I started with two little cakes to make this beauty. ?One was a traditional 4″ round. ?The other was a mini-doll cake.

Volcano Smash Cake 03

I then stacked these on top of each other, “gluing” them with icing and covered the cake entirely in brown. ?You’ll notice I purposefully brought the icing down onto the cake board to make the bottom of the volcano to have a more realistic effect. ?I then used my wilton spatula?to add some texture to the sides. ?I do this by getting the spatula nice and hot under running water. ?Then I hold the spatula at a slight angle to the cake and start spinning my Wilton cake stand. ?Then as the cake goes around, I slowly lift the spatula higher on the cake until I’ve reached the top.

Volcano Smash Cake 04

Getting the lava on the cake was a lot trickier than I thought. ?In fact, there was a lot of trial and error and starting over happening in my kitchen. ?But in the end, what I did was put some red icing around the top and dripping down the sides. ?I then used my spatula to flatten it out a bit and shape it into a cone. ?For the very top, I put some of the yellow/orange icing from the dinosaur’s spots into the middle and swirled it with the toothpick until it looked a bit like a melting pot. ?And for the final touches, I grabbed a paint brush. ?A paint brush? ?Yes, a?decorator paint brush. ?I used this to put a swirly texture in the lava. ?I also used this to flick the top edges of the volcano so that it looked a little more like crackling fire.

Volcano Smash Cake

And now for the best part… the little man digging into his cake! ?Know someone turning one? ?Tell them about La Hoot because?smash cakes are truly one of our specialties!!!

Volcano Smash Cake in Action