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One of my first cakes I ever made was for the little girl of a friend of mine. ?She was turning 1 and we made a lady bug themed smash cake and 8 inch round?cake for her party guests. ?For her second birthday, I made her a?giraffe cupcake cake. ?And this year, they came back from more! ?What a fun, fun role to play… watching a little girl grow up cake by cake. ?Have I mentioned that I love my job?

Anyway… this year they were looking for a rainbow cupcake cake. ?But in order to get the right shape, you need ALOT of cupcakes. ?So we solved that problem by combining standard cupcakes and mini cupcakes. ?Here they are all baked and ready to go…

Rainbow Cupcake Cake 01

I used the standard cupcakes as the clouds and for her name and age. ?And I used the mini cupcakes to serve as the actual rainbow. ?Here it is set up ready to be iced.

Rainbow Cupcake Cake 02

To make the clouds, I iced them with the Wilton 2D Tip and set mini marshmallows in place before the icing hardened. ?Really, you could use any icing tip, but since I would be using this one later in the process, it made sense to just go with it. ?The important thing is that you get a lot of icing in place so that the marshmallows have something to stick to.

Rainbow Cupcake Cake 03

Rainbow Cupcake Cake 04

Next, I switched to a large star tip?to do mini rosettes on all of the individual mini cupcakes. ?Before you know it, your cake is done!

Rainbow Cupcake Cake 06

Use the?Wilton 2D Tip?again to make rosettes on the name/age cupcakes and the?Wilton Basket Weave Tip?to create block letters and you’ll have your finished product!!!

Rainbow Cupcake Cake 05

I just loved how this cake turned out and the flexibility it provides for your guests. ?Not only is it easy to serve by pulling apart, but the mini cupcakes allow more flexibility when deciding how many desserts per guest. ?Cute and practical… my favorite kind of cake!