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One of my favorite parts about my job is getting special requests and making them come to life! ?In this case, I was given an invitation to a baby shower and asked to make a cupcake cake that resembled the penguin pictured on it.

Penguin Cupcake Cake 02

With an excited “Of course I can do that!” I took the order and hit the ground running. ?To start, I mapped out my design plan with pennies.

Penguin Cupcake Cake 01
After confirming the design and cupcake count with my customer, I baked the cupcakes and got them set up just like in the penny map. ?Here, you’ll see that I ended up adding two extra cupcakes to make the bow on the penguin’s head.

Penguin Cupcake Cake 03

I then started icing by beginning with the outline of the penguin, using a large round tip (Wilton Tip 1A). ?This creates for a very crisp edge when filling in your design in the following steps.

Penguin Cupcake Cake 04

Notice it does not have to be pretty. ?Pretty comes when you fill it in.

To fill it in, I drop small piles of icing into the spaces that need it. ?I then ice it relatively smooth and follow up by adding some texture with my Wilton spatula.

Penguin Cupcake Cake 05

Next, I filled in the stomach of the penguin in the same way. ?Then followed with the details of the feet and face.

Penguin Cupcake Cake 07

As the finishing touch, I iced on the bow and this penguin cake was good to go!

Penguin Cupcake Cake 08

What a very fun way to welcome a new baby girl into the world and bring the shower theme full circle! ?Planning a wedding or baby shower for someone? ?We would love to bring your theme to life with your cake!