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I knew it was only a matter of time until the requests for Frozen cakes started coming in. ?And of course, I have two due in November! ?And I love it!

One of my favorite types of cakes to do is when I ice an image onto a cake. ?As a kid, I always liked to color. ?So coloring with icing is almost therapeutic for me. ?Call me crazy, but it’s relaxing to get in the zone! ?So while the detail of Elsa’s dainty features kinda killed me a little, I really loved bringing her to life!

I started by selecting a coloring book style image of Elsa that I found appropriate for a 9×13 cake and printed it to the size I wanted which was 7 inches tall. ?I then cut out her image as detailed as possible and used a toothpick to poke holes in some anchor spots (such as the tip of her chin and multiple points of her dress). ?This way, when I set the image gently on the cake, I could trace the outline with a toothpick, and create tiny marks that would serve as a guideline when icing on the outline. ?Here is a series of pictures to show this process…

Frozen Elsa Cake 01

Frozen Elsa Cake 02

Frozen Elsa Cake 03

If you look closely, you can see the outline and points of reference that I had to work with after removing the paper image from the cake.

Frozen Elsa Cake 04

I then went to town using a size 2 icing tip and black icing to create the outline. ?And this is by far the longest step in the process. ?It takes a lot of patience and slow moving to get the lines just right.

One of the hardest parts of Elsa was her hands. ?At first, I just couldn’t get them right. ?So what I decided to do was cut them off of the paper image. ?This allowed me to outline them a little more closely than when they were part of the full image. ?I then was able to?set them right up next to where I was working so that I could do my best to replicate them. ?? I also switched to the smallest size 1 tip for her hands since they are SO small. ?Again… patience is key!

Frozen Elsa Cake 05

Here she is, all outlined and ready to be colored. ?The hardest part is over! ?I used a size 2 icing tip and did a slow back and forth motion to create a nice texture. ?I also added dimension by making different shades of blue for the different parts of her dress.

Frozen Elsa Cake 06

Frozen Elsa Cake 07

For the finishing touches, I had some fun with sprinkles. ?I used clear sugar crystals to add some sparkle to parts of her dress. ?And then I added them to the white background of the cake to create a glistening snow effect. ?And for the border, I used the 2D tip to put rosettes along the side of the cake.

Frozen Elsa Cake 10

Frozen Elsa Cake 09

I just love how this cake came out. ?And little Avery was so pleased with it too. ?Just look at the joy on her face! ?Worth every minute of hard work!