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A long time customer of mine came to me looking for a dinosaur cupcake cake. ?I’ve had the pleasure of making her daughter many cakes in the past, including a fish, barnyard, and Olaf! ?Most of which were made out of cupcakes! ?But this time… the order was for her little boy who was turning 1!

While taking a trip through Google images and Pinterest in search of a grand dinosaur cupcake cake idea, I came to learn that dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes! ?So narrowing down my vision on this request became a little tricky. ?So, I started with this shape, but by the time it was coming to life, I ended up changing it up and making this dino into a long neck style with bigger feet. ?=)

Dinosaur Cupcake Cake 03

I also added another row of grass underneath the dino, as by the time the party date was approaching, the guest count had gone up a little bit. ?These grassy cupcakes were not going to fit on the board, but were sent alongside to be set out at the party.

Here you can see I had iced this guy a bright sky blue, with a light blue belly. ?I then added some yellow/orange spots to the top of his back and along the top of his tail.

Dino Dinosaur Cupcake Cake 02

I finished up the details by adding the black for his eye, nose and mouth… piping on the grass… and setting the smash cake in place! ?Want to know how to make this volcano smash cake? ?Click here to check it out!!!

Volcano Smash Cake 02