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If you follow me on Facebook, you probably already saw this picture of me embarrassing myself. ?Yes, I took probably 50 pictures trying to get good selfies with a cake ball. ?*Hides head in shame* ?But hey, I’m not scared! ?And when I was asked to make a cake pop as big as my customer’s head, I obviously needed to take some good documentation of the moment. Jumbo Bumble Bee Cake Ball 11 To make such a cake ball, you need to bake a 9×13 cake and crumble the whole thing. ?Yes. ?The whole thing. ?This cake ball was made from a full batch of cake. ?After mixing it to the proper consistency with my icing, I started to roll it into one large ball. ?Think of it like making a snow ball. ?Start with a small, manageable sized one, then keep adding to it until all the dough has been used. ?Then take a selfie. ?Haha! Jumbo Bumble Bee Cake Ball 01 Jumbo Bumble Bee Cake Ball 02 Now, I flattened mine a little bit into an oval shape because I was making this into a bumble bee. ?Why a bumble bee, you ask? ?Well… let me side track a moment and tell you a story. A few months ago, I found bees living in my ceiling. ?And I nearly died. ?Not literally, of course. ?But the anxiety of it all freaked me out because I have a very irrational fear of bees (and whales, but that’s a story for another day). ?Well, lucky for me, one of my friends married an exterminator. ?So after some frantic text messages to her, they showed up after a few hours to save my life (yes, that is an exaggeration, but its how I felt.) ?Anyway… I offered to pay him 1 million dollars if he could make my ceiling bee free. ?But all he wanted was a cake ball as big as his head. ?See, he’s one of my biggest fans. ?So big that he would rather have a gargantuan cake ball instead of 1 million dollars. ?Or he just decided not to call my bluff. ?(Phew!) ?So when making him a cake ball the size of his head, the only logical thing to do is make it a bee, right? ?Hah. ?Aren’t I funny? ?;) Back to the tutorial… I covered the cake ball in chocolate by pouring the chocolate on top. ?Then I used a Wilton Spatula to move the chocolate where I wanted it. ?I kept pulling the pools of chocolate up from the bottom as the chocolate began to solidify. ?But once it starts to harden, you must stop or else the texture will get goopy. Jumbo Bumble Bee Cake Ball 03 Jumbo Bumble Bee Cake Ball 04 Now, when its all done and starting to harden, your cake board is going to look quite messy, despite your attempts to keep the chocolate where you wanted it… Jumbo Bumble Bee Cake Ball 05 What I did was take a paper towel and wet it down with warm water. ?Then I rubbed all of that excess chocolate off the board as much as I could without touching the cake ball. ?Whatever is left would then be covered by my icing design in steps to come. I then attached jumbo pretzels to the back of the bee with chocolate to serve as wings. ?And a hershey kiss to his bum to serve as the start of a stinger. Jumbo Bumble Bee Cake Ball 06 The rest of the job was just like icing a cake. ?I used my buttercream icing and went to town making this guy look like a bee. ?And I added green grass around the base to cover up the chocolate I was not able to wipe clean off the board. ?And here it is… my finished product! Jumbo Bumble Bee Cake Ball 07 Jumbo Bumble Bee Cake Ball 09 Jumbo Bumble Bee Cake Ball 08 And sure enough… it was as big as my head! ?How about just one more selfie? Jumbo Bumble Bee Cake Ball 10