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If you couldn’t guess by our bakery name, we have a little bit of an owl obsession over here. ?Along with the rest of the world, right? ? So when we get requests for owl themed desserts, it piques an extra interest of ours.

This coming weekend, we’ll be doing an owl cupcake cake (so excited!!!), but i thought that before I dive into that cake, I’d take a few minutes to revisit another one we did a few months back. ?The cake requested was a tree cupcake cake with little owl cake pops nestled on top. ?CUTE!

I started by arranging the cupcakes in the shape I wanted, mixing up brown and green icing, and getting out my Wilton 2D Tip. ?I started with the brown and pulled my icing tip up and down the tree until it was covered. ?Then, using the same tip but with green icing, I did rosettes on the cupcakes to create the canopy of leaves. ?After that, I used the brown icing again to put some random branches throughout, and I finished them off with some sporadic little green leaves using the Large Wilton Leaf Tip.





This cake quickly became a favorite on our Facebook page with more views than any other cake we’ve ever posted. ?What does that tell you about the owl obsession sweeping our culture!?

Want to see how I made these cute little owl cake pops? ?Click on over for the tutorial!

IMG_20140322_172535907 (1)